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11/22/2012 21:26:37

First of all, I love the home page! Very nicely worded. This is one great-looking website. I love how the language is a bit informal in each essay. It makes the website seem very personal and gives it a "kick back and learn something" vibe.

Karina- You have some great information in the first paragraph of your essay, but the wording is a bit confusing. You could also create a clearer transition to the last paragraph (sad but neat story!)

Chris- Be careful of the paragraph formatting in the second to last paragraph (obviously a technical thing with the website, not you).

Amanda McCarthy
11/25/2012 22:04:16

Hey! You guys did a great job beating all of us in blog appearance. It looks great! However, is there anyway you guys could keep the text on the lighter part of the page? The text is pretty small and then when it goes into the darker part of the page, my eyes almost started watering trying to read the text... keep in mind that I'm kinda blind, but still it would be better if you guys could do something to change that if possible.

You guys did a great job getting out a lot information on this guy. He's pretty well known so I bet it was hard to consolidate all that information. The biography was very informative. I had never really looked into the background of the making of the Stabat Mater, but it is one of my favorite pieces... I like it even more now that I know that the pain that Pergolesi was depicting in Mary as she watches her son suffer on the cross was actually his heartache reaching out through the music. I was a little sad though that the essay on opera buffa wasn't specifically on Pergolesi's opera buffa... quite frankly I didn't even know he wrote any. I guess I'll just have to look that up on my own.

But by far the most interesting essay to me was the one about the misattributions. I've heard many pieces that were attributed to Pergolesi, but I really didn't think that the whole thing was looked into. Comparing signatures and manuscripts seems like hard work but it must have been so cool to see all the differences and to actually analyze them to find the true works of Pergolesi is so cool... it's like being a musical spy or something! XD

Anyway, great work guys!

Devon Baldwin
11/27/2012 06:58:55

Great job you guys! Love the layout, and I think the content is great too. My only suggestion is revisit the introduction essay, there are some weird grammatical things in the second paragraph. Also I think you should remove the fourth picture at the bottom of the main page (the one that is also the banner), it'll look better with just the three B&W ones. Good job!

12/2/2012 12:22:51

First off, nice layout! The Opera Buffa caught my eye and attention. Nice job explaining the 18th century concept. Knowing that Giovanni Battista Pergolesi was one of the first composers of the full length opera buffa really helps me to chronological interpret this historic movement in music.


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